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      About Larry
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Larry Chiapelli began his poker career on a cross-country road trip, in 1986. While driving by the city of Reno, he decided to stop and gamble for the first time ever. Once inside the Harrah's Casino, Larry got a seat on a live, 7-Card Stud game. From that day forward, he began his journey as a poker-playing maniac.

Larry is a master designer and Oregon, college graduate. After school he worked in Michigan's automotive design field for over 20 years. Besides working a lot, Larry Chiapelli played poker at many casinos throughout the United States and Canada. Now he is an entrepreneur of a busy floral nursery. Along with this endeavor, Larry is a professional writer and highly experienced poker player.

Over the years Larry got his name, Mr. Chips, from playing poker in all the Detroit area casinos. There he preferred playing at low-stakes games, like Texas Hold'em, 7-Card Stud, and Omaha Hi Lo. Through his hands-on experience, he has devised winning strategies for every kind of poker game. With all this excitement and inspiration, Larry decided to write a book called Chiapelli's Live Poker Strategies.

Mr. Chips wants to share all his poker knowledge with you, so you can also become a poker professional. He truly has focused on teaching himself, and othe
rs, practical, fun, easy-to-learn strategies, enabling everyone to walk away as Winners.
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