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Chiapell's Live Poker Strategies, a practical approach to learning poker, will guide you successfully through the colorful and detailed instructions about poker games such as 7-Card Stud, Texas Hold'em, and Omaha. With Mr. Chips' instructions, you will be able to play poker more confidently and have a better chance of winning every time.

This comprehensive book covers other important topics related to poker, such as gaming etiquette, online poker, and poker room environments across the United States. Grasping the fundamentals of popularized and celebrity-studded poker games are now within your reach.

With a practical approach,
Chiapelli's Live Poker Strategies will prove to be most benificial to your
poker game. Besides all this, Mr. Chips advocates good entertainment and responsible gambling. This is definitely a must read for people of all ages and all levels of expertise!
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